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About Us

Brenda Garrett


My name is Brenda Walker and my passion is being a Life Coach.  Although I started my training as a Life Coach in 2010, I have been preparing for life coaching all my life. 

My story is similar to that of a lot of people. Out of high school I went to college and then to university for a few years.  In the middle of my university training I decided to take a job in a law firm, which was only supposed to be "temporary".  Many years later, I woke up and found myself still doing that "temporary" job.  I have worked as a legal assistant for over 20 years and in that time "life happened”.  In an effort to make sense of my life experiences, I did a lot of reading and research.  I read everything I could get my hands on in order to figure out what the lessons in those experiences were for me and to determine what my true life purpose was.  I knew my life was more than being a legal assistant but I just couldn’t figure out what the “more” was.  In March of 2010, when I was finally ready, coaching came into my life.  Once I started my training to become a Life Coach, I knew immediately that I had found my true calling.  In an instant, all of my life experiences took on new meaning.  With my coach training I learned to turn my negative patterns of thoughts, words and actions into positive patterns and see each experience as an opportunity for growth and learning. 

I coach clients on a variety of issues, but my main area of focus is helping my clients to develop healthy lifestyles and loving relationship with themselves.  Like many of my clients, I too struggled for many years with emotional eating issues, being overweight and low self-esteem.  Finally, at the age of 44, I decided that there had to be a better way to live.  I was tired of being overweight, tired of feeling "less than", tired of dieting and, most days, just plain tired.  I realized that I needed to stop dieting, figure out why I held on to the extra weight in the first place, and develop a more loving and respectful relationship with myself.  And so began my most incredible journey!  I intuitively knew that if I was going to make permanent changes, the changes needed to happen slowly so they became a lifestyle, not a "diet".  Over a series of months, I started to develop healthier eating habits, began getting regular exercise, and worked on developing a more loving relationship with myself.  It certainly didn’t happen overnight.  It happened in small, manageable steps, or “baby steps”, as I tell my clients.  Eventually I reached my health goals and even started running!  For most of my life “run” was something that happened to my nylons, not something I did, but in 2009 I ran my first 5K race and in 2010 I ran my first 10K!  The feeling of accomplishment was incredible for me. 

As a result of my own experience in developing a healthier lifestyle for myself and my coaching expertise, I can now help my clients take their own “baby steps” towards creating healthier lifestyles and developing a loving and peaceful relationship with themselves. 

I have learned that absolutely nothing is impossible.  With baby steps we can all scale mountains.  It just takes that first step.

Our Mission

Our mission at Chapter One Coaching is to empower and inspire our clients through personal coaching and education in an atmosphere of trust, honesty and acceptance to discover their own unique wisdom, intelligence and inner beauty to create healthy, balanced and joyful lives.

Our Vision

at Chapter One Coaching is to change the paradigm of dieting and dissatisfaction with self to one where individuals are empowered to make permanent, healthy changes by healing their relationship with self on all levels - emotionally, physically and spiritually, thus creating healthy, balanced and joyful lives. 

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