January 18, 2011

Today’s quote comes from Deepak Chopra and it is rather timely, given my personal circumstances. I am having some “challenges” at work with some personalities and so am leaving my job soon. It has been a difficult and stressful time but also a time of great learning about myself, my abilities and the role other people play in my life. I have also learned that sometimes I won’t know what is going to happen next and I have to move forward with faith and deal with the “in between” parts where I am not sure how things are going to turn out. For a control addict like me, it’s certainly been a challenge! This quote from Deepak reminds me that every relationship serves a purpose in this journey through life and to give thanks for the learning it afforded me. If I can look at each relationship with gratitude and not regret and see the purpose for it in my journey, I will be a better person and have a better and richer life for it:

If you can learn from every relationship and understand how it came into your life, then no relationship needs to be remembered with regret. — Deepak Chopra

In this lifetime, there are going to be people who come in to your life who will challenge you, make you crazy and test the limits of your patience and coping. There will also be people who come in to your life who will touch your heart and leave you a better person than how they found you. Each person who comes in to our life is one more square that is added to the patchwork quilt that is our life. I am so grateful for all the characters who have come in to my life. The most challenging people ended up teaching me the most. Unfortunately, I was a slow learner at times so I had more than one person come to me to teach me the very same lesson! The trick I have found is to try your best to try to find out what you learned from those challenges. Most often you will see, perhaps years later, how instrumental they were to your personal growth. I can think of several people who, at the time, made me absolutely crazy, but looking back now I see how I became a stronger, more confident, perhaps less guillible person as a result of knowing them. I have a better relationship with myself, my husband and my co-workers because of that experience and I am far more confident and outspoken than I ever was.

So, as you are struggling with that person who makes you crazy today, remember – they are in your life for a reason. :) Be grateful and look for the lesson (and the wine if necessary!). :)

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