March 8, 2011

Today’s quote comes from Doreen Virtue and it is one that struck a chord for me:

Let go of small thoughts about yourself! See yourself succeeding.

I have struggled with this idea a lot. There have been things I have wanted or wished for but I never really, in my heart, believed that I could actually accomplish them. For instance, when I wanted to get down to a healthy weight and get into shape (other than round), until I actually BELIEVED it was possible for me, it was just a wish. My thoughts were that “I have always been heavy and I just can’t lose weight.” and “I will always be heavy. It’s genetic.” and on a really basic level I honestly didn’t think I could do it or deserved it. Once I started to believe it was even possible, I started to see results. I still took it in baby steps. I was 200 pounds at the time my first goal was 185. I thought if I could get there, wow, that was doing something. So I did. Then I moved my goal to 180, because now I was getting into territory that I didn’t think was mine or even possible for me. Now I was entering that world of “I can’t do it”. So, I made it to 180. And so it went. I kept moving my goal by 5 pounds and each time I achieved those goals I started to believe a bit more in myself and my ability to really make this happen. When I reached my goal weight there was a part of me who just couldn’t believe it had actually happened! My sense of accomplishment and my feeling of empowerment is hard to describe. But it all started by believing and moving forward on faith and not allowing my small thinking to stop me once again from reaching my goals.

Now I am embarking on a new career as a coach and once again I find that same “small thinking” getting in my way. However, I do know now that with belief and thinking big, it can happen for me. There is safety in staying small and not taking risks. You never have to fail but you never get to see what you could really become, what your capacity for greatness and success really were and what a shame it would be to get to the end of our life and never really know what we could have accomplished, what we were really capable of if we allowed ourselves our dreams and imagined ourselves succeeding.

Wishing you a successful and magical day. Imagine the possibilities and see yourself succeeding!

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