August 30, 2011 Inspiration

Today’s inspiration comes from Louise Hay,  again from her book “The Present Moment – 365 Daily Affirmations”.  Her quote today made me think about life and everything that happens to us.  Her quote reads:

Every experience I have benefits me.  I am in the process of positive change.

Imagine if we looked at life this way; if we looked at every experience as something that benefits us and helps us change in a positive way.  How much more positive and empowering would that be? Life happens and sometimes we enjoy what happens and sometimes we don’t.  The fact is, life happens.  We can either struggle and fight it or we can accept all that comes just as it is and use each experience to benefit us and use it to help us grow and change in a positive way.  Nothing is inherently good or bad in this world. It is only that way when we put those labels on them.  For instance, what if I lost my job.  Is that good or bad? Well, it depends on how I look at it.  Maybe the job I had was not good for me and my health was taking its toll as a result of me working there.  Maybe because I lost my job I felt free enough to pursue the job I really wanted. Maybe I got a severance package and was able to retrain. Maybe because I was free, I applied for another job that was perfect for me and I got it.  It all depends on how you CHOOSE to look at something.  It’s all a choice. 

I have had things happen in my life that were not pleasant to me. We all have stories of times where we were hurt, abused, disappointed.  We can’t go through life without having tough times.  However, what I am learning is that there is the gift of learning in every single situation.  I will give you an example from my own life.  I met a man and was engaged in 5 weeks.  We were married in 5 months.  Anyone else could see it was a big mistake on my part but I had my reasons at the time for it being a good idea.  As it turned out, the relationship was not healthy for me and it turned out to be somewhat abusive and not a good fit at all.  He didn’t get along with my son, he didn’t like to work, we couldn’t communicate, and the list went on.  We eventually broke up after a year, reconciled briefly and then got divorced.  From the outside, that was a negative experience, right? However, it turned out to be a blessing.  How? Well, I learned so much from that experience that it literally changed my life and set me on a more positive path.  I was forced to really look at myself, figure out why I had made that choice and what part I played in continually picking men who were not right for me.  I looked at what I was thinking about men, believing about myself and looked at what I felt I deserved.  It was one of the darkest times of my life but it was also the turning point in my life where my whole life changed.  I started to make better choices based on a healthier atttitude about myself.  My confidence in myself and my abilities grew.  I had a lot more positive self-image and I made better choices regarding relationships.  I am re-married now and have a very happy relationship. However, had I not learned the lessons from that failed marriage, I would not be where I am today.  That person who made those choices then would not have been able to make this current relationship work. 

We all have a choice in how we look at life and what we do with each experience in our life.  I invite you to look for the gems of learning in each situation.  Look for ways that the situation can benefit you and help you move in the direciton of positive change.  It’s all up to you. You can choose to be a victim or you can choose to be a victor.  Today, I challenge you to be a victor.  Help to make your life the best it can possibly be!

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